Hazard perception

You’ll have 14 videos to watch and judge where and when the hazard comes from.
You’ll have to predict the hazard.
We show you how.

One of the unique ways we teach is using the concept of Predictable Safety

Predictable Safety? Think of waiting at a Zebra Crossing. You think the approaching car is not going to stop, even though legally it has to. You are predicting your safety by not crossing. That’s Predictable Safety

Predictable Safety™ started in 1935, and since then we drive a lot faster, and there are far more cars. We have to predict faster and better than ever before, but are not shown how to do so; the main reason why average driving test pass rates are at their lowest ever level.

How does this apply to the Test?

Any errors made in the 60% to 100% area will be seen as very minor and not count.Errors made in the 30% to 60% area are serious, but you are allowed 15 of these before you fail.

From 10% to 30% even one error fails you.

From 0% to 10% the Instructor is allowed to run screaming from the car.

At 0% you crash. There is no reset button.


We show you how to judge.

We show you by letting you do it, and learning from that.

At Road and Track our instructors give instructions clearly, in good time and allow a large margin for error.
You can respond  in a relaxed manner and respond correctly.
You have dealt with the hazard , your confidence increases and, reinforced by praise from your instructor, you learn faster and with more understanding.

It sounds simple and is. But it is based on years of experience, an understanding of driver psychology and a knowledge of other road users.
We have distilled this and give you the core essentials.
As we say elsewhere:

“…. why we developed our positive, intensive methods which relate to you and your driving.
We are unique, and we think we are by far the best. Our 100% record says so too..”