Theory Test

Information for the Multiple Choice Driving Test.

There is a lot of preparation you can, and should, do before you even get into a car to do a test.

First, the Book learning:
Essential Skills You should get a copy of “Driving: The Essential Skills” which tells you what is wanted from your driving. If you apply what is contained within this book a test pass is virtually guaranteed.
We highly recommend this book. (Available from Amazon and good bookshops).
Highway Code You will also need a copy of The Highway Code. Without knowing this well you will not pass the test. (Also available from Amazon and good bookshops).
Second, the Knowledge here:
Test Report The Driving Test Report Form DL25 is what the examiners use to mark you on your test, and it’s a very good idea to know what they are marking you on. You can see the questions with answers here, and you can download them from here. Again, well worth studying.
Test Report
Download the Driving Test Report Form .pdf
Download the Driving Test Report Form Explanation .pdf
You will be asked a couple of mechanical questions at the start of the test. We have prepared a list of areas and questions that come up often, and you can see them here.
Eyesight On the test day your eyesight will be tested. Don’t forget your glasses if you need them.