Sly Practices

Every year over ten million hours and quarter of a billion pounds are wasted by Learners

This is because they drive without improving

Many then waste more money on taking a test that they have no chance of passing


Sadly many don’t know that they have no chance of passing a test

Instructors laugh off failure as bad luck and pupils blame themselves for ‘doing something stupid’

Examiners often reinforce this by saying ‘It was a good drive, but……’


The truth is that instructors put people in for their test too soon to keep them sweet

Pupils, because they are inexperienced, are in no position to judge their own skill

Examiners soften the blow with kind words to feel better in themselves


Also many instructors are not fully qualified but merely trainees.

The big driving schools make a lot of money by not telling customers that their instructor is a trainee.

Some may not have taught any Learners at all


Sly instructors often spend lots of time showing diagrams to stretch out the number of lessons.

Teaching the wrong sequence of clutch and gas for gear changing has the same effect.

Learners are also often taught to use reversing techniques that don’t work for a similar reason.


We will be honest about your ability to pass a test

You will learn how to assess your driving and that of others

You will know what the examiner is looking for


Driving lessons aren’t about driving as in getting from A to B

Driving lessons are about learning how to deal with situations

The cost depends on what you learn per hour


If you’ve had lessons before, ask yourself how you improved in the last hour

What would you want to improve on in the next hour

You need to engage in the learning process, not just drive and expect to learn.


If you want high quality lessons that are transparent