How to pass first time

Understanding how to pass the Test

Many people are badly prepared for the test which is why the UK national pass rate is only 43%.

By following our advice you can make your chances of success 100%

  • If your instructor doesn’t show you a test marking sheet and don’t have an explanation of it before the test you increase your likelihood of failure.
  • If you do not pass a mock test on a day before the real one you are once again increasing your likelihood of failure.
  • If you do not have an easy method for dealing with all hazards you will increase your likelihood of failure.
  • If you have an instructor that doesn’t ensure you are aware of  all of these things they increase your likelihood of failure.


Understanding your Examiner

Your examiner is a not very well paid, box ticking office worker, whose office happens to be the car you are driving on your test.

  • Office workers like easy jobs.
  • The fewer boxes you give them to tick, the easier their job.
  • Badly paid office workers don’t really want to be scared as part of the job.
  • If you scare them, they get revenge by failing you.


How to make your examiner feel safe

As soon as you identify a hazard, approach it so that you can stop smoothly and gently a little distance before you reach it.

  • Make this distance about a car length from it if it’s a road marking (such as a give way line).
  • Act as if to stop about two car lengths from a roundabout
  • If it’s a solid object (this includes pedestrians) make it about three car lengths.
  • When having to wait for oncoming traffic aim to stop about five car lengths back.

You will then have all the time you need to best to deal with it.


It really is that simple

Any instructor that makes it any more difficult is wasting your time and money.