Extended DrivingTest

We are specialists in short notice extended driving tests.

If you need an extended driving test we are here to help. These tests are only available during the mid morning or early afternoon as they take two normal test slots.

Rules for Sitting an Extended Driving Test

The extended driving test for disqualified drivers was introduced in January 1992. The rules for the extended driving test are similar to those of a normal test with some exceptions.

The driver must first pass a normal theory test. One of the main differences with the extended driving test is the length of time. An extended test will take around 70 minutes; a normal test will usually take around 40 minutes.

The extended test will therefore be harder to pass and will include one of the four driving manoeuvres (reversing around a corner, three point turn, parallel parking or bay parking) and an obligatory controlled (emergency) stop.

Retesting for Disqualified Drivers

Drivers who have been disqualified and ordered to sit an extended test will usually have been convicted for serious driving offences. As part of obtaining a licence after a disqualification a driver will be required to sit a much more intense and longer driving test.

The extended test should not be viewed as a form of punishment. It is simply a safety measure to ensure disqualified drivers meet the required road safety standards. Disqualified drivers will be required to apply for a provisional licence and learn to drive just as a learner would.

What Offences Might Lead to an Extended Driving Test?

Serious driving offences can include driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Courts can also impose the extended test on drivers who have been convicted of dangerous driving.

Motoring offences that come with an obligatory driving ban may also lead to the driver having to sit the extended test. If a driver commits an offence that leads to an obligatory disqualification then that will usually mean they face a learner driver status. The same provisional licence rules will then apply to previously disqualified drivers.