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Top Driving Test Tips

Our driving test tips help people from all over the world. Whatever your reason for needing help passing your driving test, whether your current instructor is not able to get you through or you have been confused by conflicting advice – Road and Track is here to help.

Road and Track’s Top Tip

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Failing that, here are our top seven tips for those that have never sat a test before.

If your instructor tells you that you are not ready for the test, ask them to be specific about what you will fail on. If they can’t explain why you will not pass it may be that they are just stringing you along for more lessons.


If your instructor tells you that you are ready to pass the test, then ask them to keep teaching you for free if you fail. Many instructors tell people that they are ready when they aren’t. Asking them if they will continue to teach you for free and pay for any subsequent tests with complimentary car hire will find out whether they are being completely honest.


Everyone who calls us having failed a test says that their previous instructor said that they were unlucky to fail. So much better for the instructor to blame it on luck rather than their own failure to prepare their pupil correctly.


Make sure that you’ve seen a driving test marking sheet before you go for your test. Fewer than 1 in 20 people who call us have seen a driving test marking sheet before they sit their test. If you haven’t seen one, it’s unlikely that you will know just what the examiner is looking for on your test.


Check that you’ve seen the explanation of the test marking sheet. By going through this, you can check that you know what is expected of you. If there is anything on the sheet that you are not sure about it means that you haven’t been properly prepared.


Take a full length mock test before the day of your driving test. This will give you a good idea of whether you are good enough, or need more lessons.


Pass a mock test on a day before you take your driving test. If you do this you can go into your test with the confidence that you can drive to test standard for long enough.


As for our final driving test tip, please e-mail us to find out what that is. In our experience it is the most important preparation for those who are ready to take their test.