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Imagine knowing that if you failed your first test, any more lessons and tests would be free.


Should your driving test be unsuccessful after completing one of our guaranteed pass driving crash courses, not only will we provide any extra tests for free, but car hire, and extra lessons would also be free without limits.

We can afford to do this is because of the excellence of our instructors.
In almost eight years since these guaranteed pass intensive driving courses were started, just three people have needed an extra test.

No other driving school in the UK offers such a guarantee.


The price for unlimited lessons that will get you to the standard that will ensure that you will pass a test  starts from just £899.


This price is for a course taken in the Burgess Hill Driving Test centre area of West Sussex. Call for details of cost in your area if you are unable to come to us.





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We will teach you to be able to control the car to a standard well above the minimum ability needed to pass the driving test. This will enable you to cope with any situations that you will encounter on the test and pretty well anything that you will come across in the rest of your driving life.



We make sure that your awareness of hazards is well above what is required to pass the test. This leads to the ability to avoid problems caused by the road or traffic conditions.



We’ll check that your reaction to potential problems on the road are proactive rather than reactive and therefore well above the requirements needed by the examiner. This leads to a feeling of safety for you and those that travel with you. In short you drive like an expert.



You also become aware of exactly what the examiner is marking you on. On your test they could be checking over fifty different aspects of your driving skills. This enables you to deliver what they want to see.



To check that you can do all of this consistently enough to pass the practical test, the teaching part of our guaranteed pass intensive driving courses only finishes when you can pass a full length, forty five minute, mock driving exam. This must be on a day before your test.



On the day of the test you are required to do two mock tests, to “get your brain in gear”, before going out for the real thing..


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