Driving Test – Now!

W H Y   A R E   Y O U   W A I T I N G   !!

The average waiting time for driving tests at most centres is 3 MONTHS.

We can get it sorted for you….  BUT MUCH SOONER!!

Here are some details to explain how ROAD AND TRACK can get you the much wanted DRIVING LICENCE without the agonising wait…

Again saving you time … and as we all know   T I M E   I S  M O N E Y !!

We have helped people like yourself –  individuals and company employees over the years to GET IN THE DRIVING SEAT.

For those people the financial outlay has been an INVESTMENT in their career and improved their SOCIAL STANDING!!

S O   G E T    M O V I N G  !!

Here’s what you need to to:

1.  Pass your THEORY TEST ( book online at a local centre – tests are available at weekends)

We recommend the official DSA THEORY TEST KIT.  Contains 2 dvd’s (highway code, hazard perception and multiple choice)

Then email roadandtrackuk@btinternet.com

a) Your theory test number

b) Your driving licence number (starts with first five letters of your surname)

c) Address as it appears on your driving licence and your date of birth

d) your name address postcode and availability – are you ready at short notice?

If you are prepared to travel outside your area the sooner we can guarantee you a short notice test

The cost of the TEST DAY is £195 which includes us collecting you from home and taking you to the test centre.

Going through the test route.

TWO MOCK TESTS and returning the HAPPY YOU!! home, jubilant and clutching your much desired …..

D R I V I N G   L I C E N C E !!


W E    C O V E R    L O N D O N   A N D    T H E   S O U T H

(lines can be busy, but do leave us a message -we will get back to you!!)