• Be aware that because of our professionalism we won’t sell you a multi-day course that isn’t suitable for you.
  • All other suppliers of intensive driver training are keen to sell you a fixed number of hours for an unrefundable amount… before they’ve even seen you.
  • Their number of hours is, unsurprisingly, highly likely to be greater or fewer than what you need.


  • Our ethics mean that we work differently from them, for your benefit and ours.
  • We will flexibly allocate time to suit you, which can then allow you to do sessions on either consecutive or non consecutive days,
  • The benefit to you is that if you don’t need the number of days that you think you might, you are under no obligation to do them.
  • This also means that we have to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with every single session.
  • All we ask is that if you wish to do another session, is that you pay for it at the end of the completed one.


  • Customers doing other intensive courses will usually either get the feeling that they’ve paid for too many hours,
  • Or that they’ve not booked enough hours and will fail their test.
  • Teaching someone who is in either of those frames of mind is not pleasant.
  • So the benefit to us is that we have customers who are keen to work hard at learning.
  • And when you learn quickly and pass your test, that means we can help our next customer sooner.


So our unconventional method results in a win-win situation for both us and you.

If you can think of some better way we could arrange things to suit you please let us know


You can pick and choose what you want to brush up on in a session or leave it to us to assess and advise.

Our sessions are broadly as follows. Individuals may require more than or less than a whole session on any particular subject depending on their aptitude:

  1. Assessment, Advice and general practice (only for those who have reasonable road skills already)
  2. Moving off, Low speed control on flat, uphill and downhill including clutch use
  3. Gear changing including use of accelerator, brake and clutch
  4. Awareness, Planning and Judgement
  5. Junction approach, steering and emergence including roundabouts
  6. Speed, separation and hesitancy
  7. Road signs, markings and traffic lights
  8. Meeting and crossing traffic
  9. Mirrors, Observation and Signalling
  10. Manoeuvres
  11. Test preparation, including mock tests and examiner psychology
  12. General Practice (For those not ready for a test)



STANDARD HALF DAY SESSION –  FROM £149…. Three and a half hours with one of our top instructors. First session includes evaluation if necessary (with examiner’s marking sheet). All sessions include tuition, driving test standard driving demonstrations and a refreshment break. Sessions reduced in time at the behest of the client will still be charged at the full session rate.

When starting as a beginner you can expect to take from five to around ten of these sessions depending on your aptitude and ability to learn and whether you opt for manual or automatic. If you are focused it is likely to be at the lower end, if you just expect to turn up and learn without needing to put in any effort it’s likely to be at the higher end.


ONE DAY FAST TRACK TEST……from £199 + (£62 for practical driving test or £75 for weekends)We book you a test at short notice

This service is suitable for those who have extensive driving experience eg. banned, illegal drivers or those who are confident they are up to standard

Fast track intensive includes:
1.  Collecting you and taking you to the test centre
2.  Two hours in the car before the test including going through a typical test route and two mock tests if time allows
3.  Hire of the dual control car for the test itself
4.  Waiting for you whilst you take the 40 minute test
5.  returning you to your collection point clutching your pass certificate if you drove well enough!!





TROUBLESHOOTER ……. from £299. This is a combination of the refresher and a one day session and is normally taken over 2 days –  (plus £62 for the practical test or £75 for weekends)

The First Day

Three and a half hours with one of our top instructors. Includes evaluation ( with examiner’s marking sheet), tuition and refreshment break

The Test Day

You are collected  and driven to the chosen test centre

1.  Two hours with the instructor including going through a typical test route and two mock tests if appropriate – to get rid of any nerves!
2.  Hire of the dual control car for the test itself
3.  We wait for you whilst you take the 40 minute test
4.  We take you back to where we collected you from clutching your pass certificate if you drove well enough!!




Please note:

 If your driving is considered unsafe then we reserve the right to withhold use of the car for the test.  You will lose your test and booking fee if applicable.

 However we will continue to teach your for the duration of time booked and provide top class guidance and driving techniques.

Book today with Road and Track, and you are taking the positive step towards fulfilling your dream of the confidence, independence and freedom that comes from being able to drive!!




W E    C O V E R    L O N D O N    A N D    T H E   



If we are busy please leave a message – we will get back to you!!