How Soon? How soon can I realistically take and pass a test?Probably sooner than with any other driving school. Tomorrow maybe?
Why intensive? Why do you only do intensive courses rather than hourly lessons?People often spend hours trying to reverse park or deal with roundabouts.  We teach you to perform any skill needed to pass the test in a lesson of just 25 minutes!This means that you can learn everything necessary for the test in about 20 HOURS!
How Much? How much do your lessons cost?Intensive half day courses start from £125.
How Different? What makes you so different from other driving schools?We bring our intensive courses to you at your doorstep!
So Quick? How can you get tests so quickly?Because we work harder for you – our reputation is built on this service
What cars? We  currently use three door Nissan Almeras.  We have chosen this car for its ease of visibility when manoeuvering, low speed driveability and reliability.  Cars are equipped with dual controls and have an adjustable floor level for ease of pedal contact for those with smaller feet. L plates are discreet.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Contact.