Structured Training

If you have..
…Never driven.

We all start somewhere and Quick Driving Test Booking will ensure you start in the best way.

We aim to not only get you through the driving test, but to do it by making you comfortable with cars, traffic, other drivers and how they all interact. If you are knowledgeable and comfortable with driving you will drive well.

And driving well will pass that test and be a valuable skill for the rest of your life.

You will  learn;

  • Excellent car control,
  • Road sense and traffic management skills,
  • What causes danger on the road and how to avoid it.
  • To be relaxed and confident controlling the car.
  • The Practice and the Theory of the Driving Test

Our instructors,  the best in the business, some with real world motor sport experience, aim to teach you to the same standards they have.

Our unique methods, all centered around you and your abilities,  have given a near 100%  pass rate since we started using them in September 2005.

You want..
…to learn with Road and Track.

If you’ve had lessons but felt they should have been better: you’re in the right place!

People come to us saying that with other driving schools:

  • They were just doing repetitions, again and again. And again.

Our structured training moves you on to the next skill as soon as you have mastered the previous one, or if you haven’t we don’t keep plugging away but return to it later as necessary.

  • They kept making you do what you could do well, not what you needed practice with.

We show you how to assess your own progress by giving you definite targets from the very beginning. You decide how good you want to be and we agree this in writing. By knowing what the targets are we both know where we are going.

  • The teaching was all negative, not positive.

We emphasize the good parts of your driving and explain that hardly anything is totally wrong, just that small changes can make things better. We do this by keeping up to date with the latest positive training methods including those used by top athletes.

  • Their instructors just were not good enough.

We’ve won at motor sports at the national level, we’ve advised and consulted on The Highway Code and on the Mercedes Benz Young Driver scheme. We have years of professional experience, and, we can answer pretty well any driving related question. But for those that we can’t, we won’t fudge an answer but will admit we don’t know and find out by the next lesson.

  • And, sadly, they felt they were being taken for a ride.

Sadly many people out teaching are not fully qualified and have little structure to their teaching. Which is why we developed our positive, intensive methods which relate to you and your driving.

We are unique, from our style of teaching to the guarantees we offer.


If you want..
…to Pass your Test.

Failed one or more tests, but know you can drive? Want to get it over and done with?

If you’ve failed, you haven’t been properly prepared for the test. Even if your instructor said you were.
The common reasons are:

  • You have not driven under test conditions for long enough.

If you have not passed at least one full-length mock test with no help from your instructor your chances of passing are severely reduced.

During test preparation instructors often give slight encouragement or advice and prevent you from driving ‘independently’.
In the Test with only the examiner this lack of encouragement is distracting, stressful and leads to mistakes. We prepare you for this.

  • You have little idea how the test is marked and assessed.

Again this leads to stress, leads to mistakes, leads to failure. (See here for details.)

Our  unique test preparation accounts for all this. We like you to take at least 3 mock tests at certain times before your test.
The timing of these is vital, as is the routine we have devised for the day of your test.

Since September 2005 all but three who have used this method have been 100% successful.