Illegal drivers

If you are driving illegally and need or want to get legal fast, we’re here to help you.

You are not alone. According to estimates, there are well over a hundred thousand people in the UK that drive illegally

Many, especially those who have driven for years, are worried about taking the first step to getting legal as they fear being caught.

We believe that illegal drivers who want to get legal should be given the chance to do so

We’re not here to judge

If you have driven illegally that means that you have confidence in your driving skills

Confidence plays a big part in driving, but to pass a test you need to prove your skills are safe

Safe doesn’t just mean not crashing, it means keeping others relaxed by your actions

We show you how to change your habits to stay safe and get a licence fast



No questions asked (except these)

As professionals we have to see a provisional licence before teaching but we don’t need to record the details

We don’t even have to know your full name

What we need, is to see your photo on the plastic part of your provisional licence and check its start and finish dates



Help us to help you

The more honest you are with us the better we can help you

If you are regularly driving illegally or have done so in the past in the past tell us, as this gives us a better idea of how much time you might need

If you are good, this could be sorted in a day. You could be legal tomorrow!




We cover London and the South East