Basic Traffic Skills

We like to teach skills in order so the most important skills are practised most frequently.

The skill that is going to keep you the safest is that of hazard perception and recognition.

Your first instinct upon becoming aware of a hazard should be to stop safely.

As well as solid objects, empty space is a hazard if someone else can move into it unseen.

If you approach a hazard without recognising it as such it can be scary for others.

If you scare your examiner then you are likely to fail your test.

That is why hazard perception is so very important.


Around town you should normally speed up and slow down very gently.

This makes your driving smooth and predictable.


If your driving is predictable, others will tend to react predictably.

This allows you to have control over situations.

If you are in control you will remain safe.


Many Learners are allowed to make things difficult for themselves.

We are always looking to make things easy.

By doing things right from the beginning it is easier in the end.


We know why people often don’t react to hazards they can see.

We teach you all this and more in a structured way so driving and passing a test is easy.


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