Basic Control Skills

We like to teach skills in their order of importance so that the most important skills are practiced most frequently.

The skill that is going to keep you the safest is that of using the brakes.

They are not just used for stopping but also to slow things down and give you time to think while keeping the car moving.

Most people never learn how to use the brakes intelligently.

That is why many people’s driving is sometimes scary to others.

That is why more than half the driving tests in the UK result in failure.

To drive well you need to release pressure on the brake pedal before you stop.

When you can do this it becomes much easier to be ready to go.

Next in importance are the Accelerator (Gas) and the Steering.

Very few people learn how and why low speed control is often easier when using more gas.

Very few learn why the gas pedal can slow the car down quite violently.

Very few have any idea that accelerating can often make a car turn a corner better.

Very few have realised that it is vitally important to look in the right place to steer easily.

Sadly those that don’t often become driving instructors and pass on their lack of skills to Learners

This explains why so many people waste money on ‘lessons’ where they learn almost nothing.

We know the answers to all these thing and much, much more.

We know how the clutch works and how to make it simple to move off and change gear.

We can teach you all this and more in a structured way so that driving and passing a test is easy

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