After you have passed the Theory test, you can take..

The Driving Test.

There are 50 different subjects on which you can be marked, all of which are explained in general terms on an accompanying form, which you get once your test is finished.
Details of the subjects, and explanations of them are on the Info Source page, here

All of these subjects are covered in greater detail in the books: Driving – The Essential Skills and The Highway Code. Should you need further clarification while you are learning your instructor will naturally provide this. See here for details.

At the beginning of your practical test you will have to sign the form to confirm that the car is insured (all of ours carry insurance to cover the test) and that you have been resident in the UK long enough to take the test.
No documentary evidence is usually needed.


You will be tested at the beginning of your test that you can read a car number plate at a distance of about 20 metres.
If you need glasses or lenses to do this you must wear them
. If you can’t do this then the test is failed.
You should also declare this on your driving licence application.
If you are caught driving while not wearing them you could be fined or get points on your licence.
We check that you can do this at the beginning of your first lesson.

Mechanical Test.

At the start the driving test you will ask two questions about vehicle safety checks, a test of basic car maintenance.
A typical list of questions is found here.
If you get either or both questions wrong you will pick up a minor fault.
Even if you get both answers wrong it will not be marked as a serious (test failing) fault!

Teaching you to Drive, and to pass the test.

We focus on your abilities, and with the aim of making you a confident and relaxed driver, are able to teach you better and faster than any driving school.

  • You get modern, one on one, intensive training centered on your abilities and experience.
  • You get the inside track on the Highway code: we know it, we were consulted.
  • You get to understand Car Control as we pass on our Motor Sport experience.
  • You benefit from our 100% record.

Martin, who is Chief Instructor:

  • Has taught people on race circuits, off road, and given skid awareness training.
  • Has been part of a Top Gear rally team and has won national motor sport events.
  • Has provided discrete intensive driving instruction for a supermodel and one of the England football team’s centre forwards, among others.

So our experience and professional knowledge has developed a unique system for teaching you to drive, for passing the test, and safely, for life.

We are asked questions like these:

How do you teach? How are you going to teach me?In short, easy to understand and specific chunks.
Why like that?
Why are you going to teach me like that?
Because it’s easier to learn lots of little things than one big thing
Explain more please. What do you mean? Be more specificA typical example is how to approach a hazard.
An average driving school will teach you this sequence: Mirrors, Signal, Mirrors, Manoeuvre  (Position, Speed, Look, Assess, Decide, Act) when you can barely control the car.
This is very stressful as there is just too much to remember and invariably you will approach the hazard too quickly.
You’re different? So how are you different?To keep you relaxed we just tell you to stop in good time, a car length or two before the hazard.
And the rest? What about the rest of it?Once we know you can remain relaxed when approaching the hazard then we know your mind will be open, and so you can easily take in more information.

After the Test

Do you want to want to improve, to drive faster, more safely and more relaxed on road or track?

What? Faster, safer and more relaxed?
Through understanding is the answer.
By looking at the subject of driving as a whole, encompassing many different aspects rather than just specialising in individual ones such as learners, advanced and competition, or subjects as diverse as physics and psychology we can link them to help almost any driver to improve.

Much of our teaching is against common practice and counter intuitive, which explains why so many people with open minds can benefit from it and why so many others continue to drive worse than they should.
Find out how changing the way you cross the road or even laughing can help you become a better driver.
What is understeer and more importantly why can accelerating decrease understeer one moment and increase it the next, all other things being equal?


W E   C O V E R    L O N D O N    A N D    T H E    SO U T H