Test focused intensive driving courses and instructor training

We specialize in intensive driving courses and cater for you, no matter what your driving experience, learners to instructors. If you’re a complete beginner that’s fine. Maybe you have got fed up with your previous driving instructor. If you have failed tests or have driven for years (illegally or abroad), it doesn’t matter. We’re here to help you to drive safely, pass the driving test and obtain a full UK licence as quickly as possible.

If you’re an instructor or want to be an instructor we teach you the precise skills needed to get top grades in any driver or instructor test. You can then in turn pass them on to your future pupils.

We can come to your home or place of work to collect you if you’re in London or the South-East . You could alternatively come to do an intensive driving course in the South-East England’s easier driving test centres in sleepy Sussex and Kent.

You can be certain that we can get you up to standard to pass the driving test due to our incredibly high level of expertise.

While others often use outdated teaching that has been passed from one generation of instructors to the next without change. We have developed methods that teach people how to drive cars in the 21st century.

The benefits for you are a greater understanding of how to control a car better. You’ll learn how to easily deal with today’s traffic. Most importantly though, you learn the skills needed to impress your driving examiner.

We offer you all kinds of advice on the theory and practice of driving. We also book tests for you at short notice. If you need a test tomorrow we can help. We also guarantee to find you a test within one week. So, if you want a short notice driving test with the option of a guaranteed pass we’re here to help.

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Our methods of intensive training are structured differently from most driving schools, which is one of the reasons we are so successful.

How our crash course works for those who have driven previously

  1. You drive for 20 minutes- 30 minutes so your instructor can assess your current driving skills.
  2. The instructor then goes through the test marking sheet with you.
  3. You give your driving skills marks out of ten, with your instructor’s help.
  4. If all your skills are eight or higher then you are good enough for a driving test!
  5. We’ll go ahead and book you a short notice test.
  6. If not then you will swap seats with the instructor, they will drive in your style so you can see how you drive.
  7. Areas needing change are highlighted.
  8. We then demonstrate how to drive to keep the examiner happy – and the method for dealing with ALL hazards.
  9. You then practice what we have demonstrated until you can do it to a high standard and consistently. Initially for just five minutes, then you build up through ten and twenty minutes until you can drive for 45 minutes without any help.
  10. We guarantee to be able to teach you how to perform each necessary skill in 30 minutes. (Becoming consistent is then up to you)
  11. Once your skills are all more than six out of ten, you have a chance of passing the driving test, but until they are all eight of ten or better you also have a chance of failing.
  12. This is because, like driving in the real world, driving tests vary in their difficulty depending on road, weather and traffic conditions.
  13. If your skills are all eight out of ten or better, we offer a guarantee so that if you were to fail we would continue to teach you for free and get you unlimited free tests until you pass.
  14. If you continue to drive at a skill level of eight out of ten or better for the rest of your driving life then you will remain safe and accident free.

How a course works for those who have little or no driving experience.

  1. Most people have never seen a person driving to the high standard required to pass the driving test.
  2. So we always start by demonstrating to you how you need to drive in order to be safe and pass the test.
  3. You learn how to assess your skills and, by marking them out of ten, compare them to the ideal that the examiner is looking for.
  4. Initially you concentrate on learning how to fully control the car at low speed on very quiet roads.
  5. Once your control is good enough we teach you how to easily deal with all types of hazards.
  6. As your understanding and skills increase you move onto more complex situations.
  7. From your very first session you will start being introduced to tests to make sure that you’ve learned enough to progress quickly to the next stage.
  8. Once your driving is good enough and consistent enough to pass a test we can arrange a test for you at short notice.
  9. Your intensive driving course cost basically depends on how quickly you can learn to be proficient in the three essential skills.

The skill to spot hazards
The ability to gently approach hazards
Excellent low speed control so that you are able to negotiate hazards.

The quicker you pick up these skills, the fewer sessions you will need on your intensive driving course, so the lower the cost.

These intensive driving course packages are suitable for any driver. If you have zero experience and want a licence, call us. If you have driven for some years and now want to get an instructor licence, call us.

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Intensive Driving Courses in London

Our intensive driving courses in London are perfect for all test candidates looking for a quick turnaround. Whatever your reason for wanting a quick test pass, we can help. Perhaps you have recently moved here from another country and can drive. We can assist you in getting your licence fast. Maybe your simply want to speed up the process between booking your lessons and passing your test. Road and Track is here to help.

The benefits of intensive driving courses for London don’t just stop with the speed of your pass. By learning to drive over a shorter, more intense period, you will gain the advantages of practising and being tested daily. Consolidating your driving skills makes you a better road user. For more information on our intensive driving courses in London, please call our friendly customer services team or email us. We cover central London and the outlying boroughs. We also cover the Home Counties and the South.

Crash Course Driving Lessons

If you have been driving on UK roads for some time without a UK license, you’ll want to skip the long haul and get straight to your test. We’d advise booking a short package of crash course driving lessons. These are designed to iron out any bad habits you may have picked up. They’ll also get you ready for the theoretical aspects of the driving test.

Booking an intensive driving course with Road and Track guarantees you superb standards of instruction. There’s also the possibility of a quick progression to your driving test. In almost all cases, we can use our industry connections to book a driving test for you on the next day after your lessons.

To find out more about our crash course driving lessons call or email us. We’ll be happy to arrange a lesson for you immediately.

Driving Crash Course

Has your current driving instructor got you down? Do you find that your lessons are repetitive and don’t seem to be getting you anywhere? Try a sample intensive driving crash course with us and see how quickly you get onto your test!

We frequently hear reports from our students about why they switched to our lessons. Some do it because because their original instructor kept making them practise skills they had already learned. We move on to aspects that you are less familiar with. Others didn’t like the long time between lessons. Your intensive driving course with us will be structured, so you are guaranteed to move onto the next skill once you have mastered the current one.

Our instructors are polite, personable and always find the positives in your driving. When you book an intensive driving course with Road and Track, we’ll show you the little things you can tweak to make good driving even better. Please call or email to book a lesson.